Doorbell – Sunday Photo Fiction

AnElephantCant quite get the picture
He is colour blind and lacks depth perception
But he writes a wee tale
With the breathtaking pace of a snail
He hopes his misconception does not take a wrong direction

This is a weekly invitation to write a short piece of fiction (c. 150 words) based on a photo prompt (below) provided by Alastair.
Follow the link to see a confident collection of quality contributions.
But please first read AnElephant’s confused contradictory complicated curiosity.

Copyright Al Forbes

Copyright Al Forbes


p>Door Bell

I really wish I had rung the doorbell.
Instead of trying the handle.
Everything would be so much less awkward if it had never occurred to me that the door might be unlocked.
Now I understand why my calls went unanswered.
I wasn’t that early.
And how was I to know?
I know now, for sure.
It is scarcely believable.
But I have to believe it.
Because I did try the handle.
And I did walk right in.
On that.
Now there have to be interminable discussions.
There will be questions.
There will be analyses.
And reasons.
One thing is certain.
My life will never be the same again.
I really wish I had rung the doorbell.

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5 Responses to Doorbell – Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. nightlake says:

    sounds very interesting. it could lead to various angles. interesting. Wish you a great New Year


  2. Joe Owens says:

    Not sure if we even WANT to know what he saw. Sounds dangerous.


  3. Al says:

    I have adjusted the page with this:
    Wartime look out post over looking Straits of Dover from Dover Castle. Containing map and telescope, telephone, distance gauge, wipers on the windows and although you can’t see them, images of Allied and Axis boats and planes

    So definitely fits with your story. There are some things that should never be seen. I guess your MC could be mistaken for a spy 🙂


  4. Beautiful Sir Elephant, our whole lives are spent saying, ‘I wish’…..oh well we carry on instead….


  5. Anja says:

    I had to zoom in on the picture and I am still not sure what it is. hahaha So we will see what I come up with.
    I did enjoy yours on many levels. One it is clever….and two if there is a body count you are not responsible. 🙂


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