Gruff the Tragic Wagon

The Magic Dragon by AnElephantCant

The Magic Dragon by AnElephantCant

AnElephantCant stay downhearted for too long
He can lift his spirits whenever he feels them start sagging
He just sings along
To his bestest favouritest song
He knows all the words and nearly the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon

But to AnElephant all dragons are magical
He recalls childhood tales and the memories they evoke
They don’t bore you to death
But they have awfully bad breath
No doubt caused by breathing an excess of fire and smoke

The dragon has a world wide mystical history
From Western Europe across to the Middle East
Where she is depicted with legs
And of course she lays eggs
But in Chinese culture she is a more Serpentine beast

Another Magic Dragon by AnElephantCant

Another Magic Dragon by AnElephantCant

She has a ridged back claws horns and big nostrils
Through which she emits fabulous flames that can for very sure burn
A long very sharp tail
All jaggy and scaled
And if she has only two legs she is called a wyvern

Dragons appear in books by Bradbury and Heinlein
Harry’s friend Hagrid keeps a pet one at Hogwarts
They pop up in Narnia
Terry Pratchett’s might alarm you
And The Hobbitt steals the treasure that Smaug hoards*

AnElephant thinks the dragon is a sadly misunderstood dude
She can light a torch or help the blacksmith down at the forge
And she has no chance
Against a bad man with a lance
AnElephant is not a big fan of England’s St George

*AnElephant’s incrediblest rhyme ever!!!

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6 Responses to Gruff the Tragic Wagon

  1. emmylgant says:

    Ad how did I not see this one?
    AnElephantCan make me laugh like no other!
    Just can’t say tough, rough or gruff around Puff.


  2. I love to smile – thanks for the smile!


  3. Rahul Ranjan says:

    nicely created story …. Really creative


  4. RoSy says:

    I love that you can lift your spirits as you feel they start to sag.
    What a great quality for an Ele to have.
    And – I agree – dragons are misunderstood creatures.


  5. utesmile says:

    I like dragons and this is a lovely poem. I also like the Gruff the tragic wagon… I mean the song.. hehe


  6. Al says:

    AnElephant tells of the greatest of my favourites
    I just love the wings, scales and all features
    And across England Scotland or Wales
    You will hear no better tales
    Than those of the mightiest Mythical creatures


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