Musical Misses Are Hits

Miss Hit by Phil Burns

Miss Hit by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant find himself a Dream Lover
He is pretty sure he must be doing something quite wrong
He gets vividly vicarious thrills
From all these different delectable girls
Who he meets in these predominantly popular songs

Long ago there is Miss Molly Good Golly
Then the red dress wearing rebellious Roxanne
Elvis’s latest flame is Marie
The Four Seasons’ Sherry
And the Beach Boys’ Ba Ba Ba Ba Barbara Ann

Roy’s Woman is peripatetically Pretty
Barry M and the Kinks surprisingly celebrate two different Lolas
Les Beatles aiment Michelle
And Eleanor Rigsby as well
Ruby Tuesday gathers moss for Mick and the Rollers

Wee Donovan climbs a hill for Jennifer Juniper
Dion gets a real Runaround from Sue
Bobby sings Corinne Corinne
Chuck thinks Nadine is much keener
And Mrs Robinson says Goo Goo Ga Choo

AnElephantCant help loving these delicious musical ladies
Some of whom he even knows by their given name
He says Hello Mary Lou
Pretty pretty pretty pretty Peggy Sue
And weeps for poor Mimi who pops her clogs in La Boheme

 Like Herman he can’t meet Mrs Brown’s lovely daughter
He doesn’t see the Who’s perfect Pictures of Lily
He loves Lucy in the Sky
Van the Man’s Girl who’s Brown Eyed
And he likes to wake up Rod the Mod’s Maggie May

Eric gets down on his knees for lovely Layla
Del’s Little Town Flirt is up to all sorts of stuff
Lenny has tea with Suzanne
Then says So Long Marianne
AnElephant is no flirt so This is Dedicated to the One He Loves

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3 Responses to Musical Misses Are Hits

  1. emmylgant says:

    All those beautiful, pretty, unforgettable muses and not a word for the femme fatale Carmen? Tu me brises le coeur! Mais je te pardonne parce que Peggy Sue est sur ta liste!
    Un tour de force de mettre tant de noms a la queueleuleu tu sais, bravo.


  2. Al says:

    Awesome 🙂


  3. Bastet says:

    An Elephant has a wonderful world
    of musical ladies from whom he can choose
    but if he has a little problem taking them home
    to show them his etchings may I then suggest
    that he begin to write himself a new song,
    (perhaps at first just in jest)
    Of a Daring Darling Ms Elephant,
    with lovely curly lilac hair!
    I’m sure if he sings of her quite boldly
    she will certainly appear to him!
    Then they’ll soon twain their trunks in love,
    as they sit upon the deck swing out in Africa!


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