Ghoti and Chips

Ghoti by A Friend of AnElephant

Ghoti by A Friend of AnElephant

AnElephantCant get easily confused
Although both his erudite readers are aware of his abnormal anguish
As he juggles with words
Which he finds absurd
In a vain attempt to make sense of this languidly illogical language

He knows how to enumerate an animal’s legs
Because a quadruped of course has one at each corner
There are just 2 on a biped
So is it possible that a tripped
Has 3 legs and a sign to forewarn you

Words that end in gh are a nightmare
Like plough cough though and lough to mention a few
Not to mention rough
AnElephant is quite out of puff
And he forgets to explain that through rhymes with you

Different is the same and the same is different
The number of homophones seems to be almost infinite
Like rite right and write
Site sight and cite
This might have a mite too much height to be quite definite

A Scots guy says Aye I see with my eye
A sympathetic soothsayer says there they’re their
If you’re poor that’s your ewer
To you two is too fewer
A hare has fair hair but a bear’s fare is bare

The most extraordinary example is the world famous ghoti
Which Bernard Shaw delivers with uncharacteristic flourish
This man is not daft
He takes gh from laugh
The o from wonderful women
ti without inhibition
And adds them amazingly altogether to fabricate the fantastically fabulous fish!

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3 Responses to Ghoti and Chips

  1. Lala Rukh says:

    Adorable 🙂 Loved reading an Elephant’s tale 🙂


  2. I love ghoti and the way you have poked fun at our crazy English spelling. 🙂


  3. emmylgant says:

    What pleasure and fun!
    Homophones and aliterations…
    coming in and out of both ears!


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