AnElephant Loves Peanuts and Peanuts

Apologies to Charles Schultz

Apologies to Charles Schultz

AnElephantCant grow any taller
Even if he wears hugs high heels or stupefying stilts
Or does a high wire act
He tells you a fact
He is never a real giant like Charles Schultz

This man writes a comic strip for three centuries
His humour eliminates every frown
With his simply sublime art
He captures every heart
With the deeply flawed and utterly lovable good ol’ Charlie Brown

Now Chuck has some lovely ladies in his lucky life
Like Peppermint Patty and tormentingly troublesome Lucy
Who always makes him fall
When she moves the football
AnElephant hopes Charlie Brown understands this but he is too trusting and downright dumb to see

Linus always clings carefully to his blanket
But Lucy’s dream Schroeder sits at the piano playing Beethoven
He may have some doubts
The jury is still out
But she makes it all too clear that The Doctor Is In

And the real hero of course is a Beagle
Who is as cool as anyone except perhaps Steve McQueen possibly could be
Always quite unperturbed
Unless dinner is late served
He is the fabulously inimitable absolutely adorable insouciantly indestructible flying ace and friend of Woodstock – Snoopy

For once AnElephant is certainly definite and definitely certain
No maybes and no perhapses and no tiny ifs or wee buts
AnElephant may eat ‘em
But this cartoon can’t be beaten
The greatest comic strip of all time is popularly precocious and permanently prank-filled Peanuts

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10 Responses to AnElephant Loves Peanuts and Peanuts

  1. tchistorygal says:

    I do love Snoopy! 🙂


  2. colonialist says:

    Shall I do the Snoopy Happy Dance in celebration of this one?


  3. utesmile says:

    I do love the peanuts, and it also has often very wise words.


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