The Most Beautiful Person in the World – Haibun Thinking

AnElephantCant ignore nature’s beauty
Rainbows and butterflies and sunsets
But when he looks back in time
To when he is in his prime
He finds a moment AnElephant never forgets

AnElephant persists in attacking this great weekly challenge hosted by his friend Al.
Please take a moment to check out this page to see some superb interpretations of the Japanese Haibun, a literary form which explores the relationship between the human experience and nature.
This week as his prompt AnElephant chooses this magical masterpiece by Michelangelo.

Cherubs by Michelangelo

Cherubs by Michelangelo

The Most Beautiful Person in the World
The phone rings and suddenly, for no reason, I remember the day I saw the most beautiful person on earth.
I pause, disoriented, as my mind drifts back through the years ….
The phone rings.
Hello, I say.
Yes, I say, several times.
Okay, I say, fifteen minutes.
I get in my car, reverse out of the driveway, and head to the seafront.
Actually, at this point, it is not sea, but still the Firth of Clyde.
It is, however, just an extension of the Atlantic Ocean, tidal and, even in summertime, pretty fresh.
The sun is shining, an atypical Scottish summer day, with a sky that special shade of blue seen nowhere else in the world.
The broad promenade is busy, with large numbers of people strolling in the unexpectedly good weather.
I stop the car, to be sure not to miss my caller.
I stand like a statue, pedestrians flowing by in both directions.
Then my eyes widen in disbelief.
Tall, slim, suntanned, blond hair cut very short, a vision of human perfection walks towards me with the easy grace that is the gift of only the young and beautiful.
Three months in the Mediterranean sunshine of southern France have produced a transformation.
My heart swells with joy, admiration and, most of all, love.
I embrace my son.
And I think how like his mother he is.

even the most ordinary father
with a perfect partner
creates a miracle

light and warmth
flow in equal measure
from my son my sun

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24 Responses to The Most Beautiful Person in the World – Haibun Thinking

  1. emmylgant says:

    Tres beau comme d’habitude. J’aime les fausses pistes que tu traces… Et la description de la beaute de ton fils, est tout amour et fierte; superbe.


  2. Brenda says:

    Wow, what an amazing haibun, with suspense, love and wonder. Great one, Elephant!


  3. Suzanne says:

    How truly heart warming and beautiful. The final haiku is magic.


  4. Indira says:

    A lovely and true post.


  5. camgal says:

    Beautiful 🙂


  6. helenmidgley says:

    Another wow piece 😉


  7. That was beautiful.


  8. Al says:

    That’s beautiful. I did kind of guess the end, but I thought it was going to be grandson 🙂


  9. Lovely piece, the surprise at the end so well disguised. Well done.


  10. Aileen says:

    Wonderful, great and unexpected ending 🙂


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