AnElephantCant Dance with the Devil

EleDevil by Phil Burns

EleDevil by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant always be politely cheerful
Sometimes he finds it a struggle to be even civil
He writes no more of angels
But warns of the dangers
Because AnElephant now speaks of the Devil

He is head dude in that hot place Down Under
Not Australia of course but horrible Hades
AnElephant hopes he stays there
Does not come up for air
It is not phenomenal fun if he decides to invade us

Mephistopheles is quite a nasty little fellow
Also called Lucifer whose followers are diabolical little demons
You might get a glimpse
Of some intolerable imps
But fortunately they are not usually big ‘uns but wee ones

He is mean-looking and appallingly aggressive
With red skin and a pair of painfully pointy horns on his head
He has cloven hoofs
That is the actual real truth
And if you meet him you are most probably already definitely quite dead

In the movies he is polished Pacino and delightful De Niro
Who show that he does not right many wrongs
Elvis sings he is in Disguise
The Stones suggest we Sympathise
AnElephant wonders if it is true he has all the best songs

Some say his name is Beelzebub
Some foolish folk love him and some fearful folk hate him
He wears a wide grin
Every time that you sin
He is a happy chappie the guy they call Satan

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2 Responses to AnElephantCant Dance with the Devil

  1. emmylgant says:

    Est-ce que c’est SFR qui t’a inspiré? Brrr tout à fait diabolique !
    Mais pas de soucis, Michel Polnareff dit qu’on ira tous au paradis…


  2. Al says:

    I know Satan lives in that place called Danté
    And he is usually very big and burly
    There is a hub-bub
    When Beelzebub
    Turns up looking like Elizabeth Hurley



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