AnElephant’s New E-Book Is Well Worth A Look

The Second Request by AnElephantCant

The Second Request by AnElephantCant

Go Here To View or Buy The Book

AnElephantCant remember the last time
He did anything quite so frightfully exciting
Instead of daft rhymes
And his usual grammatical crimes
AnElephant is politely inviting with his writing

Yes he has finally joined the 21st Century
And churned out an impeccable e-book
What is it all about
He hears someone shout
Well he prefers that you go take a wee look

It is set in his homeland of Scotland
Just after it achieves independence
It is not going to chill you
But he hopes it might thrill you
So that he is no longer an embarrassment to his descendants

It is very different from AnElephant’s short stories
Although it does of course have the occasional twist
To keep you in suspense
As the tale gets a bit tense
He hopes you find it impossible to resist

It is not long and not at all expensive
It is called simply The Second Request
He is no Steinbeck or Hemingway
But he just wants to say
On this occasion he does try his very best

He comes thankfully to the end of his rambling
There is just one more thing he wants to make crystal clear
Author AnElephantCant
Editor Emmy L Gant
Both hope that you try it
Go to Amazon and buy it
Because living here in Paradise everything is so dear!

Go Here To View or Buy The Book

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9 Responses to AnElephant’s New E-Book Is Well Worth A Look

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  4. Belén Soto says:

    I just bought it!! my dear AnElephant, I take me a while to read it, you know it’s not my language but I’ll tell you … sure I like.
    Hugs 🙂


  5. Al says:

    I brought it yesterday, but have not had the time to read it yet. I will do hopefully tonight


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