AnElephant, Charlie Chaplin and Tarzan

a pelican playing volleyball by Phil Burns

a pelican playing volleyball by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant fly like a kite
And as a sailor he is all at sea
This may sound familiar
But is it much sillier
Than standing up in a hammock drinking tea

AnElephantCant get enough toothpaste
To keep his loxodontile tusks sparkly clean
They dip in Indian Ink
But does anyone think
He can blow bubbles while bouncing on a trampoline

AnElephantCant marry a seahorse
He wasn’t in Wham! with youthful George Michael
He can’t write a libretto
Or carve like Geppetto
But he can climb a tree on a unicycle

AnElephantCant read in Swahili
But he can see the writing on the wall
He keeps himself fit
By learning to knit
With all the skill of a pelican playing volleyball

AnElephantCant hypnotise buffalo
But he puts gooses in a trance with his dance
If a Siamese cat
Can wear more than one hat
Then can AnElephant win next year’s Tour de France

AnElephantCant sew on a button
So he buys a net to keep pots and jars in
He hears all the laughter
But is it really dafter
Than watching Charlie Chaplin play Tarzan

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6 Responses to AnElephant, Charlie Chaplin and Tarzan

  1. Indira says:

    An Elephant is too naughty but can write cute poems.


  2. Al says:

    That’s awesome


  3. An Elephant brought a big smile and several giggles to my morning. This is wonderful! 🙂


  4. sleepykitten says:

    this is so adorable!! made me giggle 🙂


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