AnElephantCant Ever Forget

memoriesAnElephantCant always remember
He has a great memory and yet
Sometimes he finds
A thought stays in his mind
Simply because he forgets to forget

AnElephant is no longer a youngster
He lives for a hundred and quite a few years
But when he reminisces
About a sweet lady’s kisses
He still occasionally breaks down into sniffles and tears

Some memories seem to linger forever
AnElephant can recall when he is just a lad
When life is great fun
Long summers of sun
But as he grows older they are more often heartbreakingly sad

He lives a life that is full free and adventurous
Very seldom does he experience anything tragic
But as he grows older
His nights seem to grow colder
He wonders when he first loses his magic

Back when she is always there when he needs her
Eyes sparkling with mischief beguiling
She can quickly bury
Whatever makes him worry
She only has to laugh and he finds himself smiling

He can’t forget that she is no longer with him
He can’t forget that she left him behind
He has sweet memories of her
Remembers he always loves her
He knows that she remains forever in his mind

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7 Responses to AnElephantCant Ever Forget

  1. So sad but so sweet. 🙂


  2. Those bittersweet memories don’t seem to go but the sharp edges do dull, so I’m told. Each pierce of the heart is a reminder it can still feel, that you are still real and that good things are still possible… in time.


  3. Bastet says:

    So sad…each day has it’s memories…and some more melancholy than others…hugs for you An Elephant…sometimes it’s nicer not to forget…if we can just enjoy those memories, they tell me some people can do that.


  4. Al says:

    A sad and well told tale


  5. Esther says:

    Beautifully sad


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