AnElephant’s First Request

AnElephantCant pronounce a big word
So he finds today’s task quite formidable
He promises to be quiet
If just two folk go and buy it
The writing style of his new book is inimitable

The following is the start of his new e-book, The Second Request, short and exciting, and set at Amazon’s minimum price (£1.80, $2.49).

The Second Request
The series of explosions prompt different reactions across the base.
The men, trained to the highest level, go on auto pilot, lifting weapons, racing to pre-assigned positions.
Their wives, some pausing to gather up younger children, dash in panic to the school-house.
No one yet knows what is happening.
In this elite outpost on a deep sea loch on Scotland’s west coast all the forces personnel are male.
The only women are their wives and some support staff.
The establishment is remote, ultra-secure and top secret.
The men are specialists, highly skilled, the finest in the Union.
They are confused but alert.
The reconnaissance is fast and effective.
They see nothing.
It appears that there are no injuries.
There is no visible damage.
Then they hear the hubbub from the school.
The children are gone.
All except for Theo who is in a wheelchair with both ankles in plaster after an over-ambitious adventure on a roof-top.
He cries softly, sadly.
I was sleeping, he sobs, I was sleeping.
When asked what happened to the others he just shakes his head, tears in his eyes.
I was asleep….
And Debs arrives, hysterical.
My Sophie was home in bed with a cold, now she is gone!
I checked on her when I heard the commotion – gone!
I was in the house, she couldn’t have got past me.
Two men are immediately despatched to her home.
Meanwhile the school building is searched, and searched again.
Then the surrounding huts and sheds.
Then the entire base.
Quickly and efficiently.
Eighteen children, aged between 5 and 9 years old, have disappeared.
It is clearly impossible.

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9 Responses to AnElephant’s First Request

  1. Al says:

    AnElephant may not be able to say big words
    But I know that he will take a good look
    His story is not in your face
    In fact, it is extremely ace
    So I implore you to go and purchase his book


  2. colonialist says:

    Riveting, but you have given away the plot. They didn’t pay the rat exterminator, right? 🙂


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