AnElephant’s Fish Kiss Wish List

Underwater by Emma, friend of AnElephant

Underwater by Emma, friend of AnElephant

AnElephantCant finesse fun-finned fishies
Although he is not so sure about shadowy Sharks
He does want to know
If a Catfish says miaow
And he is curious to discover if a Dogfish really barks

In Scotland millions of folk come to catch fish
Rivers like the Spey are world famous for Salmon
This is not AnElephant’s thing
He prefers just to sing
And to rock along to Bob Marley Jammin’

But Scots eat fish suppers by the gazillion
If you don’t like them deep-fried you are considered an oddity
We eat them with chips
Which stick to the hips
And surprisingly we prefer Haddockson Ford to his Daddy Sean Coddery

AnElephant loves Zebra and Angel fish
He is enthralled by the graceful leaping Trout
But the Goldfish poor wee soul
Swims in circles in his bowl
As though he’s living in a never-ending roundabout

The Koi Carp is a particularly popular poisson
AnElephant considers this a Mackerel when you look at its face
A Sole may come from Dover
But if you turn it over
You might find it originates in a totally different Plaice

He senses a serious Swordfish is suspiciously scary
A barbaric Barracuda makes him anxiously afraid
He does not want to play
With a king bed-sized Stingray
But he loves to linger with a magical mystical Mermaid

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5 Responses to AnElephant’s Fish Kiss Wish List

  1. Gyslaine L. says:

    That’s good 🙂


  2. emmylgant says:

    … we prefer Haddockson Ford to his Daddy Sean Coddery.
    OMG! How could you? Really?
    (Laughing too hard to continue)


  3. Al says:

    Sean Coddery played James Pond in Codfinger.


  4. Brenda says:

    I like Haddockson Ford, too! And a turtle is his spirit guide! Great art and fish talk, too!


  5. Bastet says:

    Like this poem it made me smile…and fish too…though the gold fish don’t impress very much do they. Good luck with the mermaid 😉


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