AnElephant = MC Squared

AnElephantCant Skite by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant Skite by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant just steal ideas from anywhere
Well actually he can and he does so quite frequently
Even from his friend Emmy
Who is une amie not an enemy
She writes a delightful piece on this topic quite recently

He blethers of course about skipping stones
Or what is better known in Scotland as skiting
Or even skimming
So if you go swimming
Better keep your head down or things can get quite exciting

He uses his trunk as a theodolite thingy
And estimates that at this point the Med is about 400 miles wide
He is in serious trouble
If he skips a pebble
So hard it bounces 13,011 or so times and lands in Africa on the other side

As Emmy explains quite poetically
And AnElephant now confuses in pretty horrible rhymes
You throw the stone flat
So that it does not go splat
And watch it hopping along 2 or 300 times

AnElephant describes the concept in super technical language
It’s all about propulsion and angles and stuff
A formula is prepared
Which basically means it goes further if you chuck it hard enough

When you see your projectile creating ripple after ripple
As it dances across the sea’s surface for fun
Don’t forget to keep counting
As the splashes keep mounting
And see if you can beat AnElephant’s highest total of one

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7 Responses to AnElephant = MC Squared

  1. emmylgant says:

    Emm has no exclusive on skipping stones, so AnElephant isn’t stealing.
    but he is too modest when it comes to skimming
    his record is closer to two and one half
    with a theodolite thingy staff.


  2. Gyslaine L. says:

    Je trouve cela génial 🙂


  3. jaspreetd says:

    That’s interesting. Never seen anything like before.


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