AnElephant Wrassles with Facile Sandcastles

Castles in the Air by AnElephantCant

Castles in the Air by AnElephantCant

AnElephantCant stay away from la plage
He reclines in the sunshine with no worries or hassles
What gives him great pleasure
As he ponders at leisure
Is watching little kiddies building mighty sandcastles

They begin with a structure like a wet sock
Add a seashell but slowly not hurried
Find a wee stick to float
In a slightly damp moat
Then like Rennie MacKintosh decide it needs a cool turret

Now the mound grows wider and higher
Another twig and it becomes a great gun hill
Perhaps make a wall
To go round it all
And of course it is now time for a tunnel

Quite gradually it reaches 3 or 4 levels
At the zenith a girl sees where a flag goes
Then gather some stones
Or even dinosaur bones
And hey presto it has magical windows

A smart kid now remembers Rapunzel
Creates stairs to assist the trapped maid
Or like days of old
When white knights are so bold
Each bairn imagines its own escapade

But then Daddy decides he can be creative
Tells the little ones how he wants them to play
They find it quite boring
Wish he is still snoring
Then the tide comes in and washes their tiny dreams away

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4 Responses to AnElephant Wrassles with Facile Sandcastles

  1. emmylgant says:

    J’adore cette photo! Elle est formidable…. Comme si la Med avait posé pour toi!
    Et le flot du poème, du rêve enfantin, de l’imagination sans bornes mais qui s’arrête à l’intrusion de l’adulte.
    ” tiny dreams”. Génial!


  2. My children built one just yesterday. 🙂


  3. Gyslaine L. says:

    Me, I’m too old for sandcastles 😉


  4. Al says:

    Fantastic. The stories of the time at the sands. Sandcastles that went on for ever with a moat to keep the tide at bay. Never worked though


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