AnElephant is Curled Up for the FIFA World Cup

No Scots Allowed by Phil Burns

No Scots Allowed by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant deny that he is a big fan of rugby
Which is possibly why he now realises he only has till
The end of next week
If he wants to take a wee keek
At all this soccer stuff that is happening in Brazil

He contemplates how he can get there
Thinks he must rent or perhaps buy a submarine
With a sun deck he thinks
Where he relaxes with cold drinks
But where does he find a driver and someone to make exotically flavoured ice cream

Or he can invite a few friends from the Animal Kingdom
2 Crocodiles to be skis towed by a supersonic Unicorn
He hangs a left at Gibraltar
His course then doesn’t alter
He passes the Canary Islands and stops before he reaches Cape Horn

AnElephantCant dance the samba or bossa nova
But he conducts himself with flair élan panache and some brio
So he has to warn you
When he struts the Copacabana
The cool dudes there are amazed to see a hip heffelump in Rio

He is not going to tell you who wins the FIFA World Cup
Although he has inside info on which country will be champs
The home team have a chance
His heart tells him France
But what he knows about fitba’ can be comfortably written in very large letters on the back of less than 2 stamps

AnElephant just receives some rather bizarre news
Which cause his spirits to plummet like a balloon made of lead
He is now totally unexcited
It seems Scots are not invited
So he decides to ignore the whole thing stay home go to the beach and happily splash about in the Med

Allez Les Bleus by Phil Burns

Allez Les Bleus by Phil Burns

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1 Response to AnElephant is Curled Up for the FIFA World Cup

  1. utesmile says:

    I love your ways of travel! rather magical!
    You could still route for France even if Scotland isn’t in…… 🙂


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