the beach at night

beach at night by anelephantcant

beach at night by anelephantcant

they go to the beach at night time
when the moon sleeps under the sea
the stars dance along the shoreline
and the sun of course has run free

amorphous clouds drift darkly
obscuring the lights in the sky
intermittently changing the shadows
never hiding the beauty in her eye

 the waves murmur to the jetty
the sand whispers to the foam
the bay reflects the quietude
until morning returns home

walking in happy harmony
a state of unequalled grace
the perfection of the moment
made pure by her matchless face

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3 Responses to the beach at night

  1. emmylgant says:

    Fantastique! Plein de tendresse et beaute.
    C’est vrai que le soir a la plage est un moment special
    J’aime beaucoup The stars dance along the shoreline
    et les sons dans amorphous clouds drift darkly… je les vois changer de formes lentement…
    Tres beau.


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