into smoke

into smoke by anelephantcant

into smoke by anelephantcant

I follow her into the nightmare
although I am terrified of the cost
so deep so deep is the night
that even the darkness is lost

when we arrive at the precipice
there is no slight hint of surprise
her wry smile does not falter
her hair falls over her eyes

I hear a tinkle of laughter
but I do not get the joke
I see a glimpse of  shadow
as she disappears into smoke

the flowers have all wilted
she says fly butterfly fly
the cocoon slowly crumbles
the sky begins to cry

she steps between the raindrops
is untouched by the wind
I collapse beneath my innocence
uncertain of where I sinned

she dances with no inhibition
cares blow away in the breeze
as she radiates sunshine
my soul melts in deep freeze

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6 Responses to into smoke

  1. Indira says:

    Beautiful. ‘ so deep so deep is the night
    that even the darkness is lost’ beautiful expression.


  2. emmylgant says:

    And I forgot to say how beautifully executed this work is. How slow and inevitable the progression in darkness. How delightfully dismal– to coin a phrase used by a great poet who loves music and songs that rips one apart.


  3. emmylgant says:

    Trop souvent je me perds dans tes rêves et tes poèmes. Je te suis dans les méandres de ta pensée et les coins de ton cœur mais tu te caches toujours avant que j’arrive trop près


  4. Exquisitely sad and beautiful…


  5. Al says:

    Beautiful and sad dream there.


  6. Wonderful! So atmospheric and intense. I’m left wondering if it’s real or just a dream. Great. 🙂


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