parallel lines

parallel lines by anelephantcant

parallel lines by anelephantcant

I try not to be too despondent
remember all the hands I have kissed
but sometimes I feel my heart breaking
when I think of the chance that I missed

the time I was down at my lowest
you smiled said let me help you up
but I let stupid pride overcome me
refused even a sip from your cup

I understood you were the perfect one
the truest love I could possibly find
the touch of your hand left me exultant
but I feared how easily you bent my mind

I determined to keep you at a distance
to protect my fragile lying heart
now like rail lines that run parallel forever
we are together yet always apart

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4 Responses to parallel lines

  1. emmylgant says:

    Like sea and sky that meet in never


  2. Beautiful yet so poignant.


  3. Nan Falkner says:

    Oh Elephant, this is a wonderful poem and I understood every bit of it (yea for the AADD old lady!). It is sad, but happens all the time in real life. I hope you find happiness sometime (perhaps you already have). You are so talented! Nan 🙂


  4. Al says:

    A very sad and moving poem


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