Did July When You Said You Loved Me?

July by Phil Burns (and AnElephantCant)

July by Phil Burns (and AnElephantCant)

AnElephantCant always be original
Both his readers think that is hardly worth a mention
He may be a bit of a dunce
But of all thirteen or so months
The seventh is his favourite he wants no misapprehension

July is named after Julius Caesar
The chap who says Veni Vidi Vici
He may be slightly bonkers
Or perhaps likes playing conquers*
And until March he thinks life is quite peachy

AnElephantCant be a Yankee Doodle Dandy
He just ain’t a Yankee Doodle kinda guy
He is superbly Dandy
But he finds it more handy
If he is Born on the Fourth of July

But now he is domiciled in Medville
En Provence as we in France say
He must celebrate
A quite different date
The Fourteenth or Quatorze Juillet

And of course July is the month of Le Tour
Where cycling chaps are tortured for three weeks
Their legs take a pounding
Going up and down mountains
The Maillot Jaune is the prize they all seek

Even in Scotland folk head off on vacation
Traditionally they spend their time by the Clyde
In Rothesay or Ayr
For two weeks of the Fair**
Now they mostly go abroad to get fried

So July is the month full of sunshine
When the whole world makes plans to go away
But AnElephant you see
Is where he wants to be
He stays home and enjoys Bastille Day today bien fait hooray

 * Conkers is a game children in the UK play with Chestnuts
** In Scotland we call the main annual holiday the Fair, dating back to when the travelling show came to town

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4 Responses to Did July When You Said You Loved Me?

  1. emmylgant says:

    Bienvenue au paradis
    mon tres cher ami
    continuons à chanter au soleil
    à trouver des merveilles
    dans la liberté
    de notre complicité


  2. Penny L Howe says:

    An Elephant wrote a great poem for July, worthy of a repeat. I find it amazing that you’re one of the few bloggers who writes poetry where many of those who comment feel the need to comment in poetry form also. Interesting, that! I particularly like your title. Here is my offering

    Did July when you said you loved me
    No, t’was meant with all of my heart,
    The heart that was given
    My words here are shriven
    The heart that was so torn apart!

    Love can be most grand and glorious
    But can also bring us great harm
    But I still wish
    For just one more kiss (almost rhymes)
    And to be held safe in your arms.
    🙂 xo


  3. camgal says:

    AnElephant wrote a lovely poem
    Witty and clever, its true
    With references to time and people roman
    Giving us all a clue.

    Nice one AnElephant and have a wonderful Bastille day too.


  4. Al says:

    AnElephantCan remain in the med
    After all, isn’t that what he said?
    He can shout wahey-hey-hey
    To celebrate Bastille day
    Or … he could just remain in bed.

    Have a good Bastille Day


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