rivers sing

rivers sing by anelephantcant

rivers sing by anelephantcant

when you hold my hand
great mountains can walk
the rivers all sing
and the trees smile and talk

the moon floats benignly
the stars dance in the skies
nights full of laughter
and the sun never cries

little birds warble
like a sonnet by Burns
butterflies turn cartwheels
the earth joyfully turns

the wind blows in colours
like a rainbow’s sweet breath
now garlands are wreaths
as our love bleeds to death


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3 Responses to rivers sing

  1. That last couplet really slaps one in the head.


  2. A beautifully written piece on a dying relationship. Love it.


  3. emmylgant says:

    Your poem dances like a happy butterfly
    Until it tears a wing carelessly
    and in a silent cry
    falls ever so gracefully

    Tu me dechires avec ces vers
    qui me promenent au paradis
    mais finissent en enfer!


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