The Fourth Tribe

Avarice, Desperate and Confused by Phil Burns

Avarice, Desperate and Confused by Phil Burns

The Fourth Tribe

Today I am going to tell you a story.
An incredible story.
I say that because even I find it hard to believe.
It is about an island called Yukky, once great, now in sad, perhaps even terminal, decline.
Three tribes vie for control.
The one currently in power, led by Dizi, is Avarice.
They have simple beliefs.
They want all the wealth in the land, and have no interest in the poor who suffer and die.
Secondly we have Desperate.
That is what they were for power, and what their situation now is.
I will speak no more of them.
Then there is Confused.
They were once a magnificent tribe who did great things.
They were called Trusted back then.
But they were led astray by their chiefs, Blower and Brain, and the way back is hard.
In the northern third of the island a new clan has emerged.
They are called Independence.
They want to restore the old values.
To educate their children.
To tend the sick.
To take care of the elderly.
They want no more of war, the life blood of Avarice.
They despise the weapons of death, which give Avarice the power to gain even more wealth.
In short, they want a return to the days of Trusted.
This clan has asked each member of its family to speak, to say if this is what they want.
And this is what I told you at the beginning.
The incredible bit of the story.
Some say no.


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1 Response to The Fourth Tribe

  1. Al says:

    I was talking to my son yesterday about the English Civil War between the Cavaliers and the Roundheads. The fact that the Roundheads wanted to stop the King from having full control over the country. Since then, the government made stark improvements to the country, made it so it was easily liveable, and that everyone would be so much happier. Until the twentieth century. Then the government realised that the Sheriff of Nottingham had it right. “Look at all the money we could make off the peasants and pretend we are giving them something back in the process. But what shall we pretend to give them?”

    I do understand the wanting for independance. One of the same reasons my daughter wants to move out of this country.


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