No Question

Our Next PM by Phil Burns

Our Next PM by Phil Burns

No Question

I have a friend, a lady I have known for over 30 years.
I love her dearly, like a sister.
She is intelligent and articulate.
She is easily among the top ten most caring, compassionate people I know.
And she is voting No.
I ask her why.
She does not answer.
I ask her why she wants to dismantle the National Health Service.
She says she doesn’t.
I ask her why she wants to fund the useless obscenity of Trident.
She doesn’t.
I ask her why she wants our involvement in more wars like the illegality of Iraq and the folly of Afghanistan.
She doesn’t.
I ask her why she wants to eradicate the small but crucial support given to the elderly.
She doesn’t.
I ask her why she wants to support the Anglicisation of the Scottish Education system.
She doesn’t.
I ask her to give me one positive reason, so that I can understand her.
She either can not or will not.
I don’t want to argue with you, she says.
I promise her I won’t say anything.
No response.
I ask her please to email me.
No response.
I really want to know why you feel this way.
No response.
I repeat.
This is my friend who is intelligent and articulate.
She is easily among the top ten most caring, compassionate people I know.
And she is voting No.
Does she really want to condemn our grandchildren to a life of futility under David Cameron or, much worse, his successor in waiting, Boris Johnson, with his well-documented contempt for all things Scottish?
In alliance with UKIP?
The stuff of nightmares?
So why?
Is it just moral cowardice?
The famous Scottish cringe?

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12 Responses to No Question

  1. Dear Elephant,

    One word. Wow.



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    • Fear, fuelled by vile lies and perfidious propaganda, piped into the homes of the elderly by the BBC they trust implicitly, is a powerful emotion.
      The under-50s voted for independence, their cowardly elders stole their future.


  2. tom donald says:

    It’s sad when fear beats hope.


  3. Remlap says:

    I certainly didn’t make this momentous decision without watching, listening to and reading everything that I could about it, from both sides. I believe that remaining part of the U.K. is best for Scotland, for the people living here now and for generations to come. I respect other opinions, even ex-pats who say Scotland isn’t home now! : ) It would be nice if my opinion was respected also.


  4. Joe says:

    Intelligence and wisdom are not the same thing. While intelligence is no guarantee against stupidity, it can, sometimes, help us overcome it.
    Tell your friend she needs to vote yes; tell her to “feel the fear and do it anyway”.


  5. Palimpsest says:

    Hopefully you’ve got her thinking. Evidence seems to show that once an intelligent person begins to think about this Yes becomes too compelling to ignore.


  6. Alan says:

    Voting No due to anxiety about what seems a huge leap is understandable, but can be remedied by reading the mass of info making the positive case for Yes. Sadly, so many of the leaders of No can see that this is a valid case, but simply don’t want it. These include, incredibly, the entire leadership of the allegedly socially progressive parties in Scotland, and even more incredibly, the tactics deployed include an awful lot of wilful dishonesty to evade the basic necessity of change. But it is vital that people who are uncertain look hard at the list of items above. We need this change, we need to break up the old imperial State, for our social fabric and justice, and we must take the opportunity now….


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