Turkeys at Christmas

Turkey by AnElephantCant

Turkey by AnElephantCant

Turkeys at Christmas

Today I am going to tell you a story about a great big field full of turkeys.
This field is run, not very well, by Farmer Richboy.
He doesn’t care about the turkeys, but he knows that having them makes him and his chums very wealthy.
But he is upset now.
Some of the turkeys have found a new field, run by Farmer Youdecide, where turkeys actually get to set their own living standards.
This field is full of natural resources, good things for turkeys to eat, to build homes and lives.
It will let them take care of their young, the elderly and the sick as they believe is right.
Richboy does not like this, he says that farmyard birds are too stupid to understand things like that.
You may be surprised to know that turkeys are very democratic creatures, with strong social values.
They will not move to this new field unless the majority agree.
The choice is simple.
Go where all things are possible, where turkeys make their own decisions.
Or stay with Richboy’s steadily diminishing rations, under his austere rules, and with Christmas looming.
Some turkeys say, hmm, let’s just stay, we don’t know what the new place will be like.
Maybe Christmas won’t be so bad!
I have a message for each of those.
You are not a turkey.
You are chicken.

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1 Response to Turkeys at Christmas

  1. emmylgant says:

    Ben Franklin who knew a lot about birds and people, not to mention political thought and symbolism, suggested that the turkey should be the emblem for the independant, fledgling yet to become USA.
    Chosing the imperial eagle may not have served the country well as its social fabric demonstrates…. But then again social justice was not its priority then and is not now.
    Turkeys are intelligent birds. Good choice.


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