fears and tears

fears and tears by Phil Burns

fears and tears by Phil Burns

he watches heads turn as she walks down the street
she has the prettiest legs and the prettiest feet
the more he watches the more his soul dies
she holds another man’s hand gazes into his eyes

when they had a quarrel he swore he’d not give in
now she is long gone it’s clear he didn’t win
he wonders why he stayed so stubborn so long
of course he now can’t recall who was right who was wrong

he is devastated a new man is now in her heart
while he softly collapses slowly crumbles apart
he stumbles alone through the east end of town
seeing only the shadow of her face looking down

he imagines he sees her eyes glistening tears
as he lies there unmoving in a future of fears

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3 Responses to fears and tears

  1. Bastet says:

    Ah … the game of winning and its tragic downside. A great poem.


  2. The future is scary when it seems we shall be alone.


  3. globalunison says:

    This is so touching. I loved it 🙂



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