other girls

other girls by anelephantcant

other girls by anelephantcant

Other girls have arms to hold me
Other girls have legs so long
Only your legs make my head turn
Only your arms make me strong

Other girls have smiles that dazzle
Other girls have lips to kiss
Only your smile brightens my life
Only your lips bring me bliss

Other girls can sing sweet love songs
Other girls have hands to hold
Only your song has a melody
Only your hands are so cold

Other girls have eyes that sparkle
Other girls have hearts so true
Only your heart holds me captive
Only your eyes make me blue

Other girls have feet so dainty
Other girls have words to say
Only your words bring me heartache
Only your feet walked away

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3 Responses to other girls

  1. Karin says:

    Saddness written by ones usually happy, at least to the oberserver’s eye
    Are the words that strike home the hardest and make it difficult not to cry
    Beautiful photo Dear Elephant, poignant without a word…


  2. emmylgant says:

    Lovely photo.
    Only you. Very well done. The pain comes through in subtle shades of blues.


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