tell me your dreams

broken dreams by anelephantcant

broken dreams by anelephantcant

tell me your dreams she says to him
I already know what you will see
I carry them deep within my heart
I believe I can set you free

when she passes him the letter
they both know what it must say
her tearful eyes tell him the tale
of this tragic news today

it is written on brown sackcloth
glued to an envelope
it is one he long ago wrote himself
it signifies the end of hope

her voice is soft and breaking
confused with laughs and tears
she tells him what he knows she must
the worst of all his fears

in his heart he finds forgiveness
he knows he is irrelevant
he hears the words being read aloud
the letter is now a telephone

so one day late he goes to her
tells her the things that hurt him
she strokes his hair tells him she cares
so he can always be uncertain

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2 Responses to tell me your dreams

  1. Your words are crafted in a place I can’t quite reach so I’ll just keep hoping I get there someday. I loved this piece, thank you for writing.


  2. emmylgant says:

    Je lis et mon coeur se serre
    J’ai mal, j’ai peur,
    Tu dis ce ne sont que des vers
    et pourtant je vois les pleurs.

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