solar flare

solar flare by anelephantcant

solar flare by anelephantcant

In his dream the car won’t start
He tries it many times
A sudden roar
Then dead once more
His frustration slowly climbs

When he awakes it is still in his mind
He sees his lap top sitting open
Each night he knows
He leaves it closed
Is his brain no longer coping

Some LEDs are shining still
He hits the button to power down
There is no response
It slowly dawns
And his smile becomes a frown

He remembers seeing on the news
On the TV in his room
A solar flare
Somewhere out there
Is this the reason for his gloom

He is aware that times are interesting
That a change is on the way
His friends online
More unconfined
Tell him it’s closer every day

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2 Responses to solar flare

  1. emmylgant says:

    Intriguing and unsettling poem.
    But as always well done.


  2. Al says:

    It’s getting closer …


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