Merry Christmas, Darling

Merry Christmas by Phil Burns

Merry Christmas by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant be original
To both his readers this is no big surprise
But he cannot go wrong
With one or two Xmas songs
Which he hopes you all soon recognise

I’m dreaming of a giant peanut
With every peanut poem I write
Where the shell is crunchy
And the inside munchy
And my tummy says yo ho

Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer
Tries to eat my Xmas bun
He needs to be quite careful
Or he can find himself sat on

With lots of peanuts and a turkey thi-i-s size
Big Dundee cake and tasty mince pies
AnElephant is coming to town
AnElephant is coming to town
AnElephant is coming to town

AnElephantCant finish without saying
He hopes everyone has a very Merry Christmas
He can always depend on
The words of John Lennon
To tell you the only thing he has on his wish list

And so happy Xmas (war is over)
For black and for white (if you want it)
For yellow and red ones (war is over)
Let’s stop all the fight (now)

Merry Christmas, darling, wherever you are

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1 Response to Merry Christmas, Darling

  1. emmylgant says:

    Great post.
    Rudolph’s part is quite fun.
    Should make me feel warm and fuzzy
    but Xmas makes me achy
    Sorry John Lennon.


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