unforgettable by anelephantcant

unforgettable by anelephantcant

some memories never leave me
like the sparkle in your eye
you are truly unforgettable
I will love you till I die

your beauty makes my heart rejoice
you inspire each waking hour
each time you leave my world is dry
as last week’s withered flower

I have all the pretty things I want
but even if I owned the earth
money can’t buy what I want
without you it has no worth

you are everything I long for
but you will go because you must
my life and dreams collapsing
into clouds of angry dust

the time has come and you are tired of me
you hit me hard you watch me fall
I hurt I bruise I bleed I weep
but life goes on despite it all

some memories never leave me
I recall the times you made me cry
I know you’re unforgettable
but I can’t remember why

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15 Responses to unforgettable

  1. Beautiful and heart wrenching. Scars on soul keeps the pain alive…


  2. Indira says:

    Its very beautiful.


  3. bonniehofkin says:

    The last line seems to say so much……time can rasp the edges off some poignant memories. Wait a minute-
    Or does it amplify them…….?


  4. globalunison says:

    So beautiful and heart-wrenching. Thank you for sharing.



  5. Gyslaine L. says:

    Ce poème est très émouvant et très fort. Il est absolument magnifique. Bisous AnElephantCant 🙂


  6. emmylgant says:

    I hate to see AnElephant on his knees
    But some lines are delicious to hum
    ‘you hit me hard you watch me fall
    I hurt I bruise I bleed I weep’
    AnElephant knows how to string’em!


  7. Mélanie says:

    I’m hummin’ Nat King Cole’s famous “unforgettable”… 🙂


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