birds in pairs

springtime in paradise by anelephantcant

springtime in paradise by anelephantcant

a silver moon a bright blue sky
the sea as dark as night
trees dressed up in verdant green
what colour are you inside

the waves whisper across the sand
the wind whispers a sigh
my heart whispers a thought of love
your heart whispers a lie

the flowers stretch and raise their heads
it’s springtime in Paradise
I watch the birds in pairs build nests
I watch as your love dies

a red sail flaps and disappears
across the curved horizon
your red lips now so rarely smile
when they curve it is surprising

the camera never lies they say
I don’t think that is true
I see the face you turn to me
I don’t think that is you

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11 Responses to birds in pairs

  1. Esto lo refleja bien:
    Todos tenemos orígenes comunes: las madres; todos venimos de la misma sima, pero cada uno tiende a su propio
    fin- Hermann Hesse 🙂 Gracias por el artículo!


    • AnElephant is a huge fan of Hermann Hesse.
      The Glass Bead Game is among his favourite few books of all time.
      He agrees that our mothers influence our lives greatly, but believes we all make our own way, regardless.
      Thank you for your comment.


  2. Oops. It makes my heart hurt. That’s true.


  3. That is such a beautiful poem to be so sad. I makes my heart hurt.


  4. emmylgant says:

    I like the touches of colour you introduce in a heartache of loss.
    I like the silences and the unpoken as well as the repeated whispers.
    And I like the way you build the contrasts between nature’s visible rebirth and the hidden death of love.
    C’est tres tres beau et emouvant.


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