blues meet

blues meet by anelephantcant

blues meet by anelephantcant

waves cast themselves on tumbled rocks
drenching surprised shod feet
my eyes are fixed on that dark line
where sea and sky blues meet

sun struggles through grey threadbare clouds
with no faint hint of ambition
sharp hooked moon soars higher still
in exultant position

a swarm of tired boats drones to shore
remnants of some regatta
the wind has died and sullen waves
like my cruel dreams are now flatter

across the bay a famous face
calmly walks upon the water
and in a country far away
my last love knows that I forgot her

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4 Responses to blues meet

  1. emmylgant says:

    A wonderful moody blues piece.
    Dreamy, we are lost in a reflective daydream in shades of blues, a bit hazy, uncomfortable with the vocab of pain, yet there is a quiet and soft rythm to this piece.
    It suffuses it with a calm that softens the edges of the drama played inwards.
    Tres beau. Tres subtil. Je l’aime beaucoup.


  2. vinnieh says:

    Beautiful words.


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