AnElephant Unglues a little Giant

Jack visits the Zoo by Phil Burns

Jack visits the Zoo by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant create rhymes like he used to
He knows how wibbly wobbly this one looks
He expects to get flak
But he has to go back
To the long ago time when he writes Children’s Books

AnElephant remembers those good old days
At least he does when his memory returns
When he is a young buck
He has the bestest of luck
He meets an amazingly talented guy Mr Fantastic Phil Burns

Now Phil is extraordinarily gifted
Of creative ability he has oodles and oodles
But you see where his heart is
This sensational artist
Just for the kiddies he draws oodles of doodles

Phil can make magic in only an instant
Draw AnElephant in a nod and a wink
But much more importantly
Is the absolute certainty
He produces images that make young uns laugh and then think

So AnElephant just does the easy stuff
He writes a few lines maybe makes up a whole verse
But what really hurts
He has no rhyme for words
So his daft poems go from quite awful to much worse

The Adventures of Jack the little Giant is now an e-book
Which each reader is now welcome to download for free but
If you have the odd penny
He really does not want very many
You can be kind and buy him a tasty fresh peanut

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2 Responses to AnElephant Unglues a little Giant

  1. marvelous as always….your rhyme for the day has started mine with a smile 🙂


  2. emmylgant says:

    emmy is a fan of burns
    Rabbie and Phil and the one on my street
    but she gets all unglued
    hasn’t got a clue
    The wee e-book is so sweet
    Why isn’t it a movie already?


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