night scene

night scene by anelephantcant

night scene by anelephantcant

Venus has slipped behind the mountains
Jupiter is king of the sky
The moon drifts silent behind a cloud
When I hear a plaintive cry

Somewhere alone in a pine tree
Wearing a smile that once was a scowl
Having flown across that broad dark sea
Sits a hopeful North African Owl

Castor and Pollux are twinkling
Light years from the silky night air
Flickering memories tug at my heart
Remind me we were once a pair

Thoughts as faint as the owl’s soft hoot
Shared loneliness moistens my eye
And then a moment of joyfulness
From the sweet darkness comes a reply

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6 Responses to night scene

  1. emmylgant says:

    There is so much contained in this night scene that you captured so very well. You distill the vastness of the universe, the timeless cycles of migration and the renewal of spring into the one note call of this little owl. One lonely and beseeching call folds stars, a lifetime and some of its scars, in a moment . Sadness is in the dark silence. Hope and joy is in the reply.
    Gorgeous images and contrasts.
    Vraiment chouette. 😉


  2. Martian says:



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