I don’t miss you

Empty Room by Phil Burns

Empty Room by Phil Burns

I tell my friends that I no longer miss you
so why do they keep on asking if it’s true
why do they shake their heads and smile sadly
when I have so clearly gotten over you

I don’t miss the walks we used to take together
wandering through the park in sun or rain
I don’t miss the songs we always sang along to
I still listen to them over and over again

I don’t miss your fingers gently stroking my hair
I remember being without you once before
I don’t miss the way you always laughed at my jokes
I don’t think that I am funny any more

I don’t miss the places that we used to go to
I still hang around them every single day
I don’t miss the way you put your arms around me
why does no one hear the words I say

I don’t miss your kisses waking me each morning
or the way your smile brightened up my life
I don’t miss the words you always used to whisper
when I remember them they cut me like a knife

I don’t miss you telling me you’ll always love me
or all those promises you could not keep
I don’t miss the tears that I cannot stop crying
I don’t miss you at all when I’m asleep

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12 Responses to I don’t miss you

  1. emmylgant says:

    AnElephantCant hide
    behind his trunk
    he is in a big funk
    emmy smiles a sad smile
    ’cause there is no joy in medville
    when AnElephant cries.


  2. Sad but beneficial perhaps?


  3. A sad song, me thinks he doth protest too much.


  4. globalunison says:

    The emotions were on a roller-coaster. I loved it.



  5. Sounds like progress to me. 😉


  6. Karin says:

    You are a terrible fibber – but what beautiful self-deceptions…

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