teach me

rock n roll by phil burns

rock n roll by phil burns

you teach me how to smile
you teach me about laughter
you teach me that we’ll live our lives
happily ever after

you teach me to be joyful
every day we are together
you teach me that there’s sunshine
regardless of the weather

you teach me with your smiling lips
and with your sparkling eyes
you teach me stars shine every night
and true love never dies

you teach me how to be brave
and how to take a chance
you teach me to sing rock n roll
you teach me how to dance

you teach me to be a poet
to write cool and simple rhymes
you listen while I read my words
to you one thousand times

you teach me how to love you
every day since first we met
but now you have no need of me
please teach me to forget

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6 Responses to teach me

  1. niasunset says:

    to forget is not easy… If we forget, the depth of our brain will remember… This is beautiful poem and yes, touching too. Thank you, love, nia


  2. emmylgant says:

    From one poet to another
    ’tis true a Muse can be fickle
    still, don’t despair
    a muse and her poet need each other
    Or both are in a pickle!

    Touching poem infused with gentlleness.


  3. ceayr says:

    Phil’s art work is always the best thing about this blog.


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