Interesting poetry.

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time by c. e. ayr time by c. e. ayr

where does time go when it passes
is it relaxed or is it tense
is it always crystal clear
or imperfect in every sense

does old time wait with grandfather
to inspect each minute mistake
is it restless keeping watch
or looking for a hand to shake

the years slip by quite anxiously
without a sound except tick tock
once more feeling second best
endeavouring to beat the clock

does the pendulum swing forever
like the tides of some great ocean
does it close its eyes and whisper
the secret of perpetual motion

is the glass always transparent
or does mist obscure the dial
are we found as mean as Greenwich
when we have to face the trial

the long days fill with treachery
the small hours swell with crime
the sun eats the dreams for breakfast
then burns away the time

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