aNeLephant and aNiPod

ele ipod by Phil Burns

ele ipod by Phil Burns

AnElephantCant understand his iPod
It is kinda random he reckons
When it decides to be to all intents and purposes dead
A man on the interwebblogwhatsit said
Hold down two buttons for more than 10 seconds

Now more than seems less than definitive
Its lack of precision makes AnElephant smile
Why not just say eleven
Or even twenty seven
Which is how long it takes Usain Bolt to amble a mile

But AnElephant does what the nice manny tells him
With his toes and trunk he makes himself laugh
The problems are rife
But it springs into life
When his count reaches thirteen and a half

Which seems to him to be an unusual and somewhat arbitrary number
Even for those very strange people at Apple
This peculiar hodge podge
Defies even AnElephant’s stodgy log-
ic And very nearly sticks in his thrapple

Why his iPod spontaneously decides to hibernate
AnElephant does not have a klue (sic)
He has a quite gentle touch
Doesn’t ask it for much
Just the odd message and some rock ‘n’ roll music

But he supposes he should count all his blessings
And be grateful the poor thingy is once again actually working
He has not dropped this one in the Med
That makes his last one very dead
AnElephantCant tell what other pitfalls are lurking

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12 Responses to aNeLephant and aNiPod

  1. It’s a powerhouse of tunes for its tiny size, but they disappear. Perhaps they sprout wings and fly away home to the Apple tree. 😉


  2. Dale says:

    There must be some evil forces lurking here… At least it still works!


  3. bonniehofkin says:

    I don’t get how AnElephantCan work the buttons with his big extremities.


  4. Dear Elephant,

    Why is it that iPods and iPhones have a penchant for falling into water? Do you suppose they’re equipped with some kind of homing device?




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