falling in love

apart by anelephantcant

apart by anelephantcant

falling in love is a magical thing
like springtime an inspirational start
but when my tears fall like brown autumn leaves
how can I mend what you’ve done to my heart

the joy I feel when we are together
fears the grey doubt when we are apart
and now you are gone with no hope of return
how can I mend what you’ve done to my heart

each time that we meet I am dazzled anew
a Mona Lisa of natural art
but no artist ever born can paint over the ache
or help me mend what you’ve done to my heart

these are the questions I have no answers for
how can I possibly live through this pain
how can I mend what you’ve done to my heart
how can I fall in love ever again

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12 Responses to falling in love

  1. One never knows how one falls in love until SPLAT!


  2. niasunset says:

    So beautiful…. 🙂 Thank you, love, nia


  3. Gyslaine L. says:

    Tomber à nouveau en amour, en regardant devant et plus jamais derrière 🙂


  4. Dale says:

    Ahhh love… it can bring such joy and such pain. But it is always worth looking for!


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