if I could

if I could by phil burns

if I could by phil burns

if I could have a single wish
I’d ask once more to smell your hair
I never know just where you are
but I wish that I was there

if I could hear a single word
I’d feel your whisper in my ear
I am not sure just where I am
but I wish that you were here

if I was offered diamonds
I’d choose the night star with no fear
and I’d be happy sharing it
with you if you were here

if I could kiss a single face
I’d kiss your face so sweet and fair
though wide oceans separate us
I promise I’ll be there

if I could dream a single dream
I’d dream again that you are near
I’d never want to be awake
until I know you’re here

if I could see a single sight
I’d give my life to see your smile
my eyes would sparkle just to be
beside you that last short while

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6 Responses to if I could

  1. bonniehofkin says:

    The yearning feeds the muse and the broken heart reveals the marrow of creativity.
    Don’t let go of her wings……..ever. Promise?
    Complacency is lack of passion and passion us the petrol to your poetry.


  2. Dale says:

    Such a sweet poem, oh Pink One!


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