water falls by anelephantcant

water falls by anelephantcant

the sea is dark and angry
threatening the final flood
waves hurl themselves on jagged rocks
retreat in frothing blood

yet water is the key to life
perhaps Nature’s greatest miracle
the moon conducts the tidal suite
wind and percussion rhythmical

a waterfall is magical
it anchors sky to earth
the rainbow vows tomorrow’s sun
a promise with no worth

I thought the kiss from your lips
brought hope from the Fountain of Youth
now the desert of my life reveals
not a tiny drop of truth

as my beguiling goddess
becomes Satan in disguise
the rivers turn back up the hills
and the ocean simply dries

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13 Responses to water

  1. Amazing to fit so much emotion, the whole gamut from joy to rage, and rhyme, too! You’re a master.


  2. so wonderful! Excellently said.


  3. Dale says:

    Powerful, Elephant!
    You’ve definitely a gift..


  4. Dear Elephant,

    I’ve read this three times and each time it speaks to my heart. Beautiful, disturbing, crushing. ❤


    Liked by 1 person

  5. emmylgant says:

    Ça suinte le désespoir!
    As powerful and dark as you can draw anger and the forsaken.
    The last four lines are devastating.

    Liked by 2 people

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