I am happy

i am happy by phil burns

i am happy by phil burns

when you smile at me I am happy
the radiance lights up your face
for all the dark doubts that I live with
for now I am in the right place

when I hold you close I am happy
I feel your heart beat next to mine
and though I have fears for the future
I cherish this moment sublime

when you touch my hand I am happy
we link fingers to walk down the street
I know that you’ll soon be departing
but you make today’s life so sweet

when I smell your hair I am happy
I love how it blows wild in the breeze
though I fear the judgement will soon come
I rejoice while my soul is at peace

when your eyes shine with joy I am happy
they brighten the blackest of night
I know I have done many wrong things
but this time I have done something right

when I am with you I am happy
I wish each day could go on and on
but I hold my breath for tomorrow
when I waken and find you are gone

gone by phil burns

gone by phil burns

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18 Responses to I am happy

  1. What a lovely poem. I really enjoyed. Visiting you again. Happy days! 🙂


  2. Gyslaine L. says:

    Je suis heureuse de lire que tu es heureux 🙂


  3. emmylgant says:

    Wonderful to see AnEephantCan be happy without a sad smile.
    All we ever have is moments. XXX


  4. Dear Elephant,

    Once more I’m touched by the heartfelt tenderness in your poetry. I see why you’re a pink pachyderm and not just plain old grey. ❤




  5. ramexa says:

    Such a beautiful poem!


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