eclipse by anelephantcant

eclipse by anelephantcant

she clambers over the headland
crawls slow above the Med
takes time before emerging
a moon massive and red

she rises gaining brightness
dispersing what enshrouds
begins to send her radiance
through angry darkened clouds

even as they cede their grey space
reluctantly it seems
the great disk is a harbinger
of nightmares more than dreams

she sits now in the heavens
her glaring face derides
the puny earth that trembles
robbed by rebellious tides

we watch her colour changing
to a dull and sullen brown
I reach to you for comfort
your heart has long closed down

tonight the summer ended
as if it sank into the sea
the shadow cast across the moon
eclipsed your love for me

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15 Responses to eclipse

  1. Dale says:

    Once again, you show your soft side, AnElephant! An aching heart is most often the muse to bring such lovely words forth.


  2. Beautifully written as always Brian 🙂


  3. emmylgant says:

    Triste et beau.
    I watched that brownish red moon, a bloody moon, inch in and out of clouds as Orion looked on, master of the pre-dawn sky and Venus smiled. I sat in the darkness thinking of other moons and closed doors. There are echoes of primal fears in my heart when a red moon glows.
    Your poem brought that moment back to life. I found it quite moving.


    • It was a strange night, and the Med behaved very oddly.
      It took a while to settle afterwards too.
      In fact the weather has been off since then, and it was, I believe, the end of summer.
      Glad it touched you, Em.


  4. Gyslaine L. says:

    Très beau poème Brian! Bises 🙂


  5. Dear Elephant,

    The pink one is an incurable romantic. Your sweet poem leaves me with a tear.




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