imagined drums

the mermaid by anelephantcant

the mermaid by anelephantcant

Ear phones recommended:

the sun climbs slowly then drops fast
the blue sky turns to black
the shortened day asks one question
when are you coming back

the motor cycle’s two-stroke cough
echoes off the garage door
imagined drums without a beat
I miss you even more

masts tremble in the autumn breeze
singing their song of pain
anchored boats have lost their joy
since you are gone again

the mermaid stands in evening light
at far off hills she stares
metallic teardrops in her eyes
perhaps she too still cares

nature too feels the misery
plane and palm trees pine
withered leaves fall sad to earth
wishing you were still mine

the cyclist wobbles from the kerb
uncertain as the tide
my hardened heart is unperturbed
already dead inside

the cyclist by anelephantcant

the cyclist by anelephantcant

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7 Responses to imagined drums

  1. emmylgant says:

    So very sad and lonely.
    It is true that their is no greater sadness than the loneliness of separated lovers. The reader can feel the poet’s pain.
    Even Medville loses its magic.


  2. Dale says:

    Beautiful. And everything Rochelle said.


  3. Dear sweet Elephant,

    Such wistful longing, sweetly conveyed. Listening to poet’s voice brings it closer to the heart.




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