on the road

like a carousel by anelephantcant

like a carousel by AnElephantCant

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the morning sky still bears the smudge
of last night’s dark rain clouds
I am on the road before she wakes
to escape the lies and doubts

this is my favourite time of day
I feel the freedom of the dawn
the sun has not yet dried the grass
and I’m already moving on

by noon I’ve travelled many miles
the air is soft and warm
I look ahead with windswept eyes
to the next town the next storm

my life is like a carousel
painted swans and painted flowers
like a child I hope it never ends
I go round and round for hours

I have never had the ties that bind
I wander restless and unsettled
multi-hued memories left behind
scattered like autumn petals

the future holds uncertainty
wrapped in fears aging untamed
a lonely trap of sharp black teeth
lies in wait at journey’s end

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12 Responses to on the road

  1. Dearest Elephant,

    Windswept eyes and never had the ties that bind…wonderful lines. So sad and well written. One of your best.



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  2. bonniehofkin says:

    Bri, deep thought to you and hope you hadn’t lost any one in yesterday’s events. Are you in France now? Xx Bonnie

    Sent from Bonnie’s Ayepad



  3. Dale says:

    A beautiful portrait of your life, I would say, Mr. Elephant… 🙂


  4. Memories are the coin of our lives. We can buy our happiness with it if we spend it right. Your poem is haunting, especially as France is in such turmoil this day.


  5. emmylgant says:

    Beautiful, sad and haunting.


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