le bateau ivre

le bateau ivre by anelephantcant

le bateau ivre by anelephantcant

Ear Phones recommended:

I waken in the night and through a dark window
I see lost souls screaming up at the stars
the sound of their voices is cloaked in the singing
of the children enslaved by the wars

deep down in the ocean the fish are close watching
to see the outcome of this frantic strife
boats that lie sunken anchors slowly rusting
show them clearly how futile is life

as sea horses gallop away from the anger
colours from rainbows fade quietly to grey
while birds in their nests are trembling in terror
too aware they will not live to see day

the islands float fearfully away from the tempest
the lighthouse slips behind wind crumbled rocks
time stands in silence as each moment crawls by
the last sound is the tick tock of the clocks

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5 Responses to le bateau ivre

  1. So lonely, even the lighthouse disappears. A bit of lonely seems like heaven to me, beleaguered by urchins as I am. A quiet beach with no obligations… ahhh.


  2. emmylgant says:

    Sometimes only surreal images translate our very dark moods and thoughts.
    You have given us an embarrassement of anguish filled words here!
    The soft yet flat tone of voice adds to the vision of a world in perdition.
    Potent stuff here!


  3. Dear Elephant,

    I love hearing you read even though this is one that leaves me feeling lonely and hollow with a decided ache in my heart. Well done, sir.




  4. niasunset says:

    I can feel and understand.. What’s happening to our human world, makes me so sad and always worried… But I want to hope and dream a peaceful days… Beautiful people and minds are still with us… You expressed so nicely and so nice to read from your own voice. Thank you dear poet, love, nia


  5. Dale says:

    A particularly grim one, Sir! Of course, it is most difficult not to feel so with all the happenings around the world. This is beautifully written, however.
    I’ll keep trying to look at the sunny side, if you don’t mind!

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