adam and eve by anelephantcant

adam and eve by anelephantcant

Ear Phones Recommended:

the first time that I saw you
you tore my world apart
I knew that I would fall for you
and that you would break my heart

we laughed we danced with mermaids
as only lovers can
the pain I felt was no surprise
I understood the master plan

I wrote a tale of scorpions
you drew me butterflies
I told of winds and driving rain
you painted bright blue skies

I saw darkness everywhere
rotting corpses tattered shrouds
you imagined paradise
angels with harps on snow white clouds

I wrote a poem of aching loss
you sang a joyful song
and then I saw that you were right
and I was always wrong

so you brought light into my life
as sunrise brings sweet dawn
I am happy that we fell in love
I’m still happy now you’ve gone


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10 Responses to happy

  1. Dale says:

    So joyful that love can help one see the nicer side of things…even if it doesn’t stick around. It hopefully leaves behind a new vision of things.


  2. Indira says:

    Beautiful and sweet. The last line made me sad but love should be like this I think.’ I am happy that we fell in love
    I’m still happy now you’ve gone’


  3. Lovely, anElephant! I love the magic that surrounds the deep love you describe. Your poems are proof love does exist, because otherwise, it’s loss would not be so bitter.


  4. Dear Elephant,

    An ElephantCant seem to stop shooting arrows through my heart. Beautiful but sad. You’re such a poetic pachyderm. ❤




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