I remember by anelephantcant

I remember by anelephantcant

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I remember when I held you
we laughed and sang and danced
if I can never touch you
then I don’t need my hands

I remember when I kissed you
the sweetness of your taste
if I can’t do that one more time
my lips will go to waste

I remember that long summer
you spoke of hopes and dreams and fears
if I can’t hear you talk to me
then why do I need ears

I remember your sweet fragrance
as lovely as a rose
but now that you have left me
there’s no reason for my nose

I remember when you loved me
watching as our souls entwined
if I can’t see you once again
I might as well be blind

I knew you were the one for me
the special one I prayed I’d find
you told me I was perfect
but of course I changed your mind

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11 Responses to blind

  1. Dale says:

    He is a tragic one, is anElephant.


  2. Thank you for this poem, exactly how i feel


  3. Indira says:

    Your poems are sweet and sad very touching.


  4. Twisted Short Stories says:

    Pinky must have written this with his pen dipped in tears. Poor Pinky 😦


  5. emmylgant says:

    Perfection is hard to live up to
    but the picture is perfect… for AnElephant sad smile.


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