always here

always here

always here by anelephantcant

Ear Phones Recommened:

I survive this bleak December
contemplate the coming year
with a smile of equanimity
because I know that you are here

the winds are blowing colder
clouds tell me snow is near
the weather holds no menace
when I know that you are here

the springtime sun is shining
grass is green blue skies are clear
birds sing and flowers are blooming
they also know that you are here

I write my words of poetry
inspired by a love sincere
you make them sway to sweet tunes
there’s always music when you’re here

there are rainbows but no raindrops
there’s laughter never a tear
I see mermaids dance with unicorns
my world is magic when you’re here

and now the night is falling
I face the darkness with no fear
I scarce remember when you left
for in my dreams you’re always here

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12 Responses to always here

  1. Indira says:

    Very beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gyslaine L. says:

    Un poème absolument magnifique ! Bravo pour tous ces mots qui ont une grande signification pour moi. 🙂


  3. Dale says:

    Beautiful, heartfelt. From joy to wistful… You’ve a tender heart, Elephant!


  4. Dear Elephant,

    You put so much emotion in your verses. The heartache is tangible. Beautifully written.




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