in two

picture perfect

i am happy by phil burns

Ear Phones Recommended:

I thought you broke my heart in two
on the day that you left me
but I walk barefoot on golden sands
in paradise on the Mediterranean Sea

I write gentle words of poetry
I see mermaids eating thistle pies
my world’s awash with magic
an elephant’s eyes and butterflies

finned yachts compete with dolphins
as nonchalant giraffes stroll by
mariners tell tales of albatross
who float for years unshot on high

a crimson angel cloaked in dusk
behind soft lit mountains steals
moonlight tiptoes o’er the surf
laughing Orion turns cartwheels

there are rainbows with no rain here
dragons with neatly coloured knees
and sheep who are disguised as clouds
drift past mammoths perched in trees

unicorns wearing tartan kilts
munch on rhubarb dipped in cheese
and sing sweet songs of love and loss
like buttercups in a breeze

so I walk barefoot on golden sands
under sunswept skies of blue
scarcely thinking of the day you left
when I thought you broke my heart in two

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11 Responses to in two

  1. Al says:

    Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  2. Lovely images, inspiring magic even as the wounds knit closed.


  3. Dear Elephant,

    He has certainly moved on. I’m envisioning your magnificent images in full color animation. (Like Yellow Submarine…one of my favorite animated features ever.) Lovely words. Lovely reading. No teapots.




  4. emmylgant says:

    A poem awash in magical images as seen through the eyes of the boy in the poet’s soul.
    I have seen moonlight tiptoe over surf and Orion do cartwheels,,,, but there are somethings only AnElephantCan see and only AnElephantCan write in soft and gentle words.


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