a pirate

pirate 6

pirate by phil burns

Ear Phones Recommended:

you say you love a pirate
I think Sparrow is his name
I wonder if you ‘d love me if
I had his looks and wealth and fame

you love a secret agent
of course it is Bond James Bond
and though I am a Shcot like Sean
my double o is shadly shcorned

you say you love a cowboy
who is tall and tough as Clint
I saunter round with half-closed eyes
but you have not yet got my hint

and now you love a soldier
hero of wars long-gone
you know I’d fight the world for you
but you shake your head and yawn

you say you love a rock star
like Bowie or Mick Jagger
but I can’t dance or sing a note
and I just can’t fake that swagger

at last you love a normal man
who is creative fun and free
I don’t know if he deserves you
but he’ll never love you more than me

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15 Responses to a pirate

  1. That’s a pachyderm parade of possible pirates, but you are the pachyderm we prefer!


  2. Al says:

    I think Mr Connery should watch out. Mr Pachyderm is going to take his crown of best loved Scot.

    An awesome poem, and as always, great to hear your voice.


  3. Thanks for the reading…it was nice to hear your voice and it gave great new meaning to the poem!


  4. Dale says:

    I have to agree with Rochelle. Why go for the unattainable when someone so real is right there waiting for you? And who can reshisht Mishter Connery… he shtill has it!


  5. Dear Elephant,

    I don’t know how a girl could turn down such a poetic pachyderm. Well written and well read. Lovely verse to wake up to.



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